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Bike riding

Yesterday our neighbours decided to have a party in the communal area. Their music was so loud our front door shook with every beat of the drum. After a few hours of this we decided to go out on our bikes to enjoy some peace and quiet. My view of my bike from where I am sat. I love ringing my bell as I ride. Kit hates it though as its meant to be used as a warning not just to ringing whenever, apparently. 

We didn't really know where we were going just going away from the noise. We went in one direction and then circled back some how whilst going through the park home. It was nice to go out on my bike as it is the first time I have ridden it this year. 

I got my bike from Freecycle 3 years ago. It's such a cool little bike. It has dynamo lights - for those who don't know what dynamo lights are, they are lights that work on kinetic energy, it has an original Raleigh black bell and block brakes. 

When I first got my bike it was slightly rusty as it had been in the owners garden for quite some time and hadn't been ridden either. I took it to pieces in my front room and polished it up. I then took the wheels to be checked at a bike shop and put it back together. It was a fun task. 

It's slightly hard to pedal up hill as it has gears but they don't work that well so it either feels like the chain has come off or it is in too high of a gear to peddle up hill. I guess it is working my legs as I go up the hills. 

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  1. You're bike is adorable and how inconsiderate of your neighbours!

    Shannon x


    1. Glad you like my bike. I had been dreaming of getting a bike like this and now I have one I am so pleased.

      Thanks for stopping by