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Discovering Hootsuite

Wondering what the hell Hootsuite is?! That was the question I was asking myself a few days ago. Bettybedbug said that she scheduled her tweets and that made me wonder how. I had a rummage around twitter to see where she was able to do this, but as my search proved nothing I asked her. It turns out she uses the app Hootsuite. 

Hootsuite is free to download from the App Store and you just have to create an account to login and then allow access to your social networks. This is the layout of Hootsuite for my twitter. 

Twitter was the only social network I have tried on here as I twitter was the reason why I downloaded it. It is fantastic as I can keep up with the #bbloggers chat and the #lbloggers chat. It doesn't update as quickly as twitter does you have to wait a minute or 2 for it to update but I can wait that.   

Below is the options for when writing a tweet, you can schedule the tweets for a time and date you want or your can let Hootsuite decide.  

Something's that I have found that could be improved. Is the way you search for users. You have to have the exact twitter name or it won't find anything. When you write a tweet the person you are tweeting their name doesn't automatically appear like in twitter you have to know it exactly. 

Have you tried Hootsuite? Have you discovered more things it can do? Tell me about them. 

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  1. I've never heard of this! But ill be looking into it :)
    Great blog! I'm your new follower!

    F xx

    1. Thanks for following me :). Glad you like my blog. It's definitely worth looking into as a blogger as you can schedule posts as well as tweets. How did you get on with it?