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Horse Riding!

My friend from work likes to go horse riding and she competes in competitions. She asked if I wanted to come along to a lesson, of course I wanted to so we set a date and I waited 3 weeks and yesterday was finally the day. I took the train to her house and she the drove us to the stables. I lent her jodhpurs and gloves as its best to look the part and be comfortable. I was told to bring boots with a heel on as your feet sit better in the stirrups then. Well that's why I think I was told to wear those boots. 

I wore these boots from Primark. They are comfortable and I didn't mind getting a bit of horse poo on them.

So having driven to the horse stables I paid my money, tried on a few hats and waited for the horse I was going to ride as it was in a lesson beforehand. 

I had to have the biggest hat as I have a massive head. Once I had my hat fitted we wandered around the stables looking at all the horses. 

This horse was the girlfriend of the horse that I rode. She follows him everywhere. 

Cute little Shetland Ponies. They look too delicate to ride but maybe they are only ridden by children. 

I can't remember this horses name but it was well behaved and posed nicely for a photo. 

This one looked like it had no teeth. 

This was the lesson before ours. I didn't take any pictures on the horse as I had to hold on tight as I didn't want to fall off. The instructor was excellent and there were different abilities in the class and the nicest thing was I was able to ride at the same time as my friend who is an experienced rider. In the school (this seemed to be the name they referred to when we were riding around) there are different letters stuck to the wall and you are asked to change direction or trot at different letters like from A to M. 

This is wonky donkey. I didn't touch him as the sign warned he bites as you can see from his door, but I felt like he deserved a photo. 

Time to ride the horse, I had steps brought to me to get on this horse. 

This is me riding around, at this point we were trotting. I was quite happy walking around but the instructor was great and told me how to get the horse moving and what to do. Although I don't think I mastered the kick in the side as it kept stopping. When trotting you are supposed to move up and down with your legs but i was using the upper half of my body which lead to this. 

Riding without holding on. When the instructor told me to do this I thought he was joking. It was pretty scary but I got the horse trotting along and I didn't land with a thump. It was hard work, but lots of fun.

Me standing with Ernie after the lesson. 

Before getting off the horse the instructor made us do, what he called "around the world" where you take your feet out of the stirrups and to a full circle whilst sat on the back of the horse. I think the children in the lesson were better at this than me as I was starting to melt by this stage, but I managed it. After that we got off the horse and handed it back to the instructor. 

Handing the horse back ready for the next lesson. 

We went back to my friends house for lunch and to see the kitten. Isn't it so cute. 

It wondered where the noise was coming from when I was taking the pictures which resulted in this cute photo. 

Me waiting for the train not realising that I had just got really bad sunburn but it was worth it as I had an amazing time. 

I definitely want to go again and it was well worth the £18. Although I think I'd like to go to an earlier lesson as it was super hot outside at mid day in the sun when I rode. 

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  1. Hey Lorilee! I remember how hard it was to move up and down when the horse trots, but I hope you had a lovely experience! I miss riding a lot!
    And Shetland ponies! AHH! They're so cute! I've only seen youtube videos of them! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Hey chick, thanks :) I really really enjoyed it. I didn't really know what to expect but now I do. It was really good fun. Next time I will wear sun cream. You should definitely go horse riding again. The Shetland ponies are so cute. Xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your pics! It looks like you had so much fun! Poor Wonky the Donkey, he looks so lonely :( And that kitten is adorable!

    1. It was great fun. I loved every minute of it. I shall tell my friend about the cat.

      Thanks for stopping by


  3. I'd love to horse ride, but the schools around my area are all booked up till september, and that's when I go back to university.


    1. Wow. I thought you could just rock up on the day and you can go in but when I come to think of it. I was booked in too with my friend. Hope you get to go as it's so much fun.