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I'm a roller blade generation

This was what came up in conversation with another roller skater last night at the Roller Disco Vauxhaul. This was after she nearly fell over and ran into the rails where I was stood. I thought I am going to use that as a blog title when I get home. The girl that said this had already fallen over and cut her knee but she seemed to be having a great time. This was the card we were given to get into the building. At the entrance everyone's bag is searched and you are then allowed into the building.

The reason why I went to the roller disco was for my friend's hen party. It was a surprise for her that we went there. There were plenty of hen parties at the venue last night as well as lots of other people in fancy dress. It was a great night. My friends hen party was flower power - I didn't have any thing that resembled the flower power era but I found a flowery dress. 

We booked a week in advance online. The ticket cost £14 and we just had to bring our booking reference to the queue when we got there. There was a cloakroom to leave your belongings but it was £1.50 per item. One of our friends didn't skate so she looked after our bags and we took it in turns to sit with her. Skating around and around in circles gets tiring after a while. 

We arrived around 8:30pm and the place was starting to fill up. We managed to get a seat and swapped out outside shoes for a pair of white skates. I brought some spare socks with me as there is nothing worse than putting your feet into shared shoes without any socks. The venue did sell socks for £1 per pair. There were instructors on the dance floor telling you how to skate if you didn't know. I thought this was great as there was one boy who really wanted to give up but I pointed at the bloke in the red top and he came over and gave him a lesson, I'm not sure if he skated around after that but he was talking him through it. 

There were plenty of people holding on like this guy as they went around as hitting the floor was quite painful as I found out myself. The further into the room you went the faster they went. The more confident skaters would weave in and out of you which was quite scary but they didn't touch you. 

One reassurance was that there was an ambulance man on hand if you injured yourself he would patch you up. If you fell down on the dance floor the instructors had whistles they would blow on until you were up and they helped you up too. The dance floor you can see above had a DJ  playing 90s music Mysterious Girl came on and it filled the floor. The dance floor you can see below played dance music with a fast beat meaning you skated faster. Not too sure what the big white balloons in the roof were for. 

As you are skating around and around in circles you can get a bit dizzy. The DJ slows down the music and tells you to change direction. It's good to sit down for a bit as its sweaty and exhausting so don't go with a warm costume. 

There is a bar where you can buy drinks from but you are not allowed to skate and drink on the dance floor. You can skate and drink in the seating and bar areas. 

There was also a professional photographer taking snaps as you skated around. He also sold you pictures for £2 and printed them out. The photos from that night are on the Roller Disco website found here. 

All in all I had the best night here. It was great fun and I only fell over once. 

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