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Mickey Mouse Degree to an exciting career

I have been tossing and turning this idea over in my head for a while and wondered whether I should discuss it. When at college I did not really know what I wanted to do, it seemed like the next step was to go to university. I had a really nice time at college, too much fun maybe - I studied Media Studies, Photography, Business and English Literature. At the end of my first year it turned out that Media Studies was my best subject and I decided that I would go to University and study Media and Cultural Studies in Kingston. 

I really enjoyed my time on this course at Kingston and finished my degree with a 2:1. After Kingston I went to the London School of Economics and studied a Masters Media and Communications. Again I had a fantastic time here meeting new people, studying and taking a few exams along the way. 

So once my university time was over I was a little lost in knowing what job I wanted to do. I applied to about 100 jobs and I did not get anywhere. I ended up working in retail for 3 years before getting my dream job in post production. I just assumed, maybe like other graduates out there, that I would step right into my dream career. 

It did not work like this, every job I applied for said I did not have an experience in the area I wanted to work and it didn't seem like I had any interest in the area. I was slowly getting more and more frustrated with employers saying I had no experience when all I was thinking was give me the experience I need! 

I moved back to London after spending the summer in Wales. I knew that London was where I wanted to be and where the jobs I wanted were. I got a job in retail so I was able to afford living in London and got swept up in the retail world not really focusing on what job I actually wanted. Before I knew it a year had passed and I changed jobs to Dorothy Perkins. I spent another year working in retail and realised this wasn't for me. The atmosphere in retail is more like school and I didn't want to work in that.

Anyway, the point of this post was to advise any of you studying Media, Film or any other Degree is to get involved in all groups and social events at university. But most importantly get experience in the field you want to work in because if you don't have any why would an employer want you. There will be thousands of graduates from across the country and maybe the world wanting that job that you want. Competition is stiff. Write to the companies you want the work experience in, go to their reception and enquire about work experience. Sign up to a freelance service like Soho Runners. This is your foot in the door. Many people say the media industry is not about what you know it is about who you know. Maybe in some cases this is true, but don't give up. I still can't work out whether I should have gone to university or just applied for work experience and walked straight into a job. 

Most people in the media industry start their careers as a runner and work their way up the career ladder. Once you have a job as a runner the hard work doesn't stop there, you have to work hard to get to the next level. 

In my job I am on a training scheme and take exams every 6 months. 

Another piece of advise is advertise yourself on Twitter say you want to be a runner or want to get experience in a certain field - you never know who is out there. I got myself an interview from tweeting. Also get yourself a LinkedIn profile and a CV website showcasing your show reel and things you have been involved in. 

Sorry this post lacks any pictures, but I thought I should share it seen as I found it difficult to get my foot in the post production door even with 2 degrees. Keep going and you'll get there if you want it. 

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