Mondays OOTD

After having a lovely time horse riding and then discovering I got burnt was not pleasant so my outfit today was centred around my sunburn and nothing touching it. I put lots and lots of Aloe Vera cream on and that was soaked up by my skin really quickly. Today I went with a strapless dress and shawl.

Dress - Primark 
Shawl - a gift from my boyfriend's late aunt. 
Belt - Dorothy Perkins 
Shoes - New Look (I love these shoes at the moment as they are so comfortable)

My sunburn on my front isn't as bad as the one on my back. 

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  1. Sorry you got burnt. :( But at least you had some fun. :D You look lovely here, the sandals are really pretty. Just started following you! xx

    1. Hey thanks for following me :). Glad you like my sandals :) xxx