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My holiday to Lanzarote

A week ago I went on holiday with my dad to Lanzarote for 2 weeks. We stayed in the south of the island in a place called Playa Blanca, which was a 40 minute drive from the airport and a 45 minute drive from the capital city Arrecife. 

When we were there we hired a car and stayed in a 4 star all inclusive hotel. We ate nearly every night in the hotel buffet and always for breakfast, but we ate out at lunch more towards the end of the 2 weeks. Eating mostly tapas. 

I'm not sure that I could just stay in the hotel for the full 2 weeks on all inclusive as I would have to see the town and experience the local culture, but there were some people at the hotel that did not leave and stayed by the pool from morning till night. These people could be identified from the red sunburn.  
Whilst there we did quite a bit and took a ride on the camels, went caving, visited Caesar Manrique's house, visited the beaches, took a Segway ride, and took a bus trip. 

It was good having the hire car as you weren't restricted to the hotel and the town where the hotel was. Also we saved a bit of money on bus fairs with travel companies as we drove there. 

The pictures below are a montage from my holiday. I will try my best to remember where I saw what. 

1. A pony at the Rancho Texas Park// 2. Armadillo at the Rancho Texas Park// 3. A white tiger at Rancho Texas Park// 4. Tortoise at Rancho Texas Park// 5. Beautiful flowers all over the island// 6. My dad making friends with a donkey at Rancho Texas Park// 7. The colour the buildings are painted that are in land, they are painted blue by the sea// 8. Stopping for a drink and tapas in Arrecife// 9. A blue lagoon, which turned out to be green.

1. Camel Safari time// 2. The way you ride a camel in Lanzarote// 3. Roses on the island are abundant// 4. Caesar Manrique art work which is all over the island// 5. A cat at the market in Teguise the old capital city of Lanzarote// 6. An artist who cut your picture out if card and framed it// 7. A strange stall at the market in Teguise, the toothbrush is clearly used// 8. Homemade condiments at the market in Teguise I had the garlic one it tasted great// 9. The fake Hermes bag I nearly bought but didn't. 

1. All across the island young girls were getting their hair braided or having one of those coloured cotton things put in their hair// 2. A parrot that lives by the sea// 3. More Caesar Manrique art work made from water tanks from boats// 4. More Caesar Manrique there are plenty more things like his on the island// 5. A cactus with graffiti// 6. Going to see the caves this was pretty scary// 7. Lots of lizards on the island// 8. A stop for lunch in Costa Teguise// 9. More homemade condiments at the market at Marina Rubicon. 

1. Writing my postcards and putting the stamps on them. I love sending postcards to people when on holiday// 2. One of the many cats that were roaming around the hotel// 3. A man with a bird that appeared and disappeared at the hotel// 4. The hire car that we had// 5. One of the many cactus on the island// 6. Marina Rubicon// 7. The market at Marina Rubicon// 8. You can have your name in art at Marina Rubicon// 9. More cactus. 

1. When the market is on// 2. Donkey at the Rancho Texas Park// 3. Waiting for the camel ride// 4. At the massive market in Teguise, it took 3 hours to get around// 5. Some of the kind of stuff you can expect to buy at the market// 6. A man engraving patterns on a belt// 7. More merchandise at the market// 8. A better photo of the artist clipping away// 9. A stop for a drink in the heat. 

After nearly 2 weeks away in Lanzarote I had a great time and saw most of the things you can do on the island. Did I miss anything out? Have you ever been to Lanzarote?

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