Today's OOTD

Today was really really hot even though there was a thunder storm last night and rain at 8am this morning. Luckily I got to work before it rained so my hair didn't get too messy or my shoes get ruined. I wore this dress as it keeps me cool in the hot weather. I had to sit in an air conditioned room all day so I had a thick cardigan on as I couldn't turn it off.  

My outfit
Earrings - wallis 
Dress - Primark via eBay 
Shoes - New Look 

As I wear my wardrobe and show you my outfits if the day I have decided not to list the prices of the items unless they are brand new and can be bought still but the main reason is not being able to remember how much everything cost. 

What did you wear today? 

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  1. This dress is so pretty and feminine, you look lovely :)
    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose

    1. Thank you so much :) I shall take a look at your blog on my lunch xxx