Todays OOTD

Today has been a busy one. I got up at 6am to be in work for 8 and only managed to sleep at 2am. By about 11am I was ready to crawl under the desk and go to sleep. But I powered on through my day and before I knew it it was 11pm.
I wanted to take today's OOTD picture in the park but my lunch and my boyfriend's lunch weren't at the same time. So on the way home I got him to take a picture on the train. I'm sorry it's not perfect but you can see most of what I'm wearing. I'm not so keen  on my face being so round. I was melting on the train. It honestly felt like they had left the heating on. 

Today I'm wearing, from the top,
Dorothy Perkins waistcoat
Topshop black top
Oasis necklace which I got off my mum before it got thrown out
I made this skirt from some material lying around the house
Primark sandals  

Sorry it's on the train but it was either this or no post. 

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