In London

A day out in central London

Let me share with you yesterday's activities. It was an eventful day that was limited by time as the shops only open for 6 hours on a Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. The beauty of later opening times is getting up later and taking the earlier train. I remember moving to London and going to Oxford street for the first time on a Sunday. I turned up at 10am to find all the shops were shut. I walked up and down for 2 hours taking pictures and I was so pleased when 12pm came and I could finally shop.

Anyway, back on with my little adventure yesterday. 

1. Kit getting annoyed that I was taking pictures of him, whilst trying to walking down Oxford Street // 2. Two smartly dressed advertisers on Oxford Street // 3. Bond Street station looking like a bees nest with people buzzing around it // 4. The least amount of buses I've ever seen on Oxford Street // 5. Oxford Circus station entrance packed with people // 6. A trip to Primark fora suit and I bought a dress // 7. Flowers and plants in Soho Square // 8. Beautiful hanging baskets throughout Soho // 9. A cute dog going through Trafalgar Square.

This is our trip to Homest Burger.
1. Faced with the menu and unsure what to get // 2. Large board with the menu displayed for all the customers to view // 3. Lemonade lemons and straws // 4. Homemade lemonade arrived in this jar glass that seem to be all the rage at the moment // 5. My honest burger arrived with rosemary and salt seasoned chips // 6. Our burgers // 7. Inside Kit's burger // 8. Inside my burger which contained onions, cheese, bacon, lettuce, burger and bun // 9. The bill came in this cute little retro box which is local to London. 

After lunch we walked to Trafalgar Square

1. Tourists enjoying a sunny Sunday afternoon in Trafalgar Square // 2. Crowds of people watching cycling // 3. Here come the cyclists and the crowd goes wild // 4. Cyclists going towards the mall // 5. Crowd going wild with their air clappers for support // 6. Police lady checking her texts // 7. The boat parked up in Trafalgar Square // 8. Road closures so it was pedestrian heaven // 9. Going back home on the train. 

Then we got off the train and this little dog was outside the shop. 

What did you get up to on your Sunday afternoon? 

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