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Another trip to the carboot

When ever I am home I make sure I visit the carboot. I love going and rummaging through people's belongings to see what bargains I can find. I never pay the price that people off I like to haggle. It's more fun that way. I went on Sunday morning but had to be back by 10.45am as I was attending my friends wedding at 12pm so I rushed around the field and didn't really look hard at all the items for sale. I spent most of my time taking photos of the items or looking at other people's dogs.

1. Arriving along the country road and seeing the vast amount of cars at the carboot. You pay £1 to park but this is money for charity not sure which one // 2. War helmets for sale // 3. Suitcases and a camping toilet  // 4. Everything on the matt is £1

5. Lovely little dog having its photo amongst the items // 6. Kitchen set my brother has // 7. Kitchen set that my mum has they were on the same row // 8. Santa popped in on the carboot. 

9. Lots of lovely wicker baskets // 10. Beautiful typewriter I didn't ask how much it was I wish I had now // 11. Lots of people getting some sundy bargains // 12. Lots of pretty flowers. 

I saw these images and thought that Estée and Aslan would purchase them 
13. Wine making bottles // 14. Not sure what these are maybe hot water bottles or a way of carrying water? // 15. Lots of old cameras // 16. Handmade flower pots

17. Yummy cakes forsale // 18. Vintage cleaning products // 19. A large house clearance stall // 20. Vintage tins and bottles 

21. Roller skates // 22. Another large house clearance stall // 23. 2 dogs enjoying the carboot // 24. Beautiful hanging baskets I thought my mum would like 

25. Canoes for sale // 26. Lots of pretty clocks for sale I liked the square one with 4.30 time on it but the glass was cracked // 27. An old record player // 28. This is the only item that I bought from the carboot. I bought it for my mum to go in her kitchen. 

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