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Bloggers Love Event features Nicola Crawford and Angel Armogida

Having got myself a plus one invitation to the Bloggers Love Event this evening. I thought I would give coverage to the designers featured and what you can expect to see from them as designers. Que my excitement as I browsed their website and the hours tick away down to the event this evening.

Lets start with Angel Armogida. Angel Armogida is a Luxury British designer brand that is based in London and available online here. The dresses are beautifully designed evening dresses with intricate detail and flawless fabric, which are handmade. They use Swarovski crystals on their dresses and quality control every item to an inch of it's life, making sure that nothing leaves the door without being checked. 
They not only pride themselves on their dress making abilities, but also take great care and attention to how the dress is delivered in a specially designed box with the name of the dress spelt out in rhinestones. 

Each delivery is packaged and personally signed by the designer so you really get the look and feel of dealing with a luxury boutique. 

Below are some of the designs made by Angel

I particularly like this design as it reminds me of a fairy dress as it's floaty and pretty. Perfect summer dress for a fabulous evening.

Another of Angel's designs. I am a big fan of maxi dresses and this one looks beautifully elegant and would be perfect for a lovely summer evening.

Angel is the designer who used to be a driving instructor, but when motherhood struck she followed in her parents footsteps and became a dress designer where Angel Armogida luxury brand was born. 

Now on to Nicola Crawford, the other designer featured at the event. Nicola Crawford is a British jewellery designer based in Kent. Nicola designs romantic feminine jewellery which can be bought from her shop here

Nicola makes and designs necklaces, earrings and rings. 

These 2 are my favourite designs by Nicola. She specialises in key jewellery. Each collection she has designed tells a story that keeps a contemporary look.

What do you think of the British designers? They will be at the Bloggers Love event this evening and I shall write a follow up post on what the event was like tomorrow. 

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  1. Thank you hun, I really appreciate your post! :)

    Angel xxx
    High Heels & Lipgloss

    1. Thanks doll I had an amazing time and loved your dresses . xxx