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Last week I was looking through the #bbloggers chat and saw people mention a bloggers event happening in London. Que my thoughts - how do I get an invite? When is it? Where is it? Who is going? 

I found out all the details from Ellie and kindly she sent me an invitation to the event as her plus 1. Que my excitement of going to a bloggers event. Every other event held in London is either when I am working or when I am out of London.

I took the train to central London and walked to Euston to meet Ellie. I arrived early and sat on the benches outside the station listening to other people's conversations. 

I wasn't sure what the dress code was as I'd never been to a bloggers event before so I wore my new polka dot jumpsuit with my gold sandals and heart necklace. 

We went and had a drink and something to eat before going to the event and walked from Euston to Leicester Square, not too sure that Ellie appreciated the walk. Sorry lovely. 

We met up with Sophie and her friend outside the venue and then entered. When we got to the floor where the event was held we were breath taken by the amazing view. I had never seen London at that angle and I didn't know it had mountains - they are in the far distance. Soon as we saw the view we all whipped out our cameras and took the pictures for our blogs. 

There were lovely handmade cupcakes with the designers names on. Sophie getting her view snap. 

Close up on the yummy cupcakes for us lovely bloggers. 

As well as the free cupcakes there was free manicures available from 2 different nail artists. Whilst waiting for Ellie at Euston I thought it would be a good idea to paint my nails. This my friend was a mistake as it took at least half an hour for Davina, the most friendliest nail artist, to get it off my nails. 

Once my nail polish had been removed. My hands were sprayed with some spritz and she began to do my nails. I chose Essie tangerine for my nail colour as I had never used Essie before and the colour went with my outfit. 

My nails after the manicure

Ellie having her nails done, which took a considerably shorter amount of time than mine.

Ellie's nails complete. She had a lovely orange colour like the ones I chose. 

The dress (the sparkly one) you could win if you bought a raffle ticket. All dresses were modelled in a fashion show. 

And the fashion show begins

Lovely goodie bags for everyone who came. 

The manicure stations where you could have your free manicure Sophie and her friend having their manicure.

Tweeting competition during the event to win a Nicola Crawford Necklace. Ally Tweeting away. 

Jess from The Style Runner with her prize from the Tweet competition

Angel the dress designer in the middle being congratulated on her collection

Nicola Crawford jewellery on display at the event. She has some lovely pieces and my favourite is the silver leaf ring. 

Inside the venue all the bloggers hanging out together

As this was my first blogging event this was exciting and amazing I hope to go to more soon. 

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  1. Looks like such a great event. I can't wait to move to London as it seems like such a great place to meet other bloggers. Love your blog so much, you've got yourself a new follower, can't wait to read more hun :) xx.
    Heroine In Heels

    1. It was excellent it seems like there are more blogging events coming up which is great. Thanks for the follow :) xxx

  2. Looks like you had a fab day!

    Bea xx

    1. I did have a fab day thanks lovely. xxx

  3. This looks like a fun event. A free manicure doesn't sound too bad to me! :)

    Elizabeth x

    1. Yep the free manicure was great and the goodie bag xxx