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Day trip to Llandudno

Bank holiday Monday and we went to the beach. I have not been to Llandudno for years so I jumped at the chance to go and visit. It was a beautiful day and I took my DSLR with me and snapped lots of lovely pictures 

1. Only 15 miles to go!! // 2. Llandudno pier there is 2 L's in the sign but my photo editor cropped it off // 3. A view of the pier // 4. Llandudno pier complete with lots of tourists 

5. Plenty of games to play on the pier and win prizes // 6. Hook a duck but no prizes of fish only teddies // 7. The teddies you could win by playing darts // 8. Hook a welsh duck prize guaranteed for only £2.50. I'm sure it didn't used to be that expensive to play. 

9.  Lots of tourist items to purchase // 10. Shop sign // 11. The sea and all the people on the beach // 12. Souveniers on the pier 

13. Everyone enjoying the sunshine // 14. One long queue for candy floss in a bucket. It no longer seems to come on sticks // 15. The amusement arcade // 16. Great Orme tours in an old fashioned bus 

17. This is on the floor just as you walk along the pier. Half of it is concrete and the other half is wooden, you can see the sea through the slats // 18. Girl with a parrot on her shoulder. This was free and you could take as many pictures as you liked with the birds they only asked for a donation // 19. Punch and Judy show. Lots of children enjoying the show // 20. Greedy seagulls fighting over some bread 

21. Cute donkeys on the beach taking the children for a ride // 22. Donkeys April and Chloe // 23. There were 6 donkeys in total but I only managed to snap 3 of them as the children were queuing to ride the donkeys // 24. Chloe seemed annoyed but looked over for a photo 

25. A path was cleared for the donkeys to walk along // 26. The donkeys went home by 4 pm and the beach was packed their path was soon filled with deck chairs and sunbathers // 27. The deck chairs were really cheap to rent compared to the ones in hide park. You could rent this deck chair for £2 for the day or £1.50 from 2pm to 5pm // 28. Enjoying the view of the sea from their deck chairs 

29. The best place to get fish and chips in Llandudno // 30. A curious dog // 31. The queue for fish and chips. It was out the door and snaked around the shop // 32. W. H. Smith with a beautiful glass front 

33. Vintage cars were all out today in Llandudno // 34. Welsh ice cream shop next to the popular fish and chip shop // 35. Plenty of food options available in Llandudno // 36. The traffic warden was handing out these tickets like sweets 

37. The view from the beach // 38. A packed promenade // 39. The beach, promenade and town were full of dogs // 40. This hotel has been in Llandudno for decades 

41. Crab bucket. I was told people go to Llandudno to catch crabs but I didn't see anyone doing this when I was there. The tied was in. // 42. Llandudno rock - it was slim // 43. Welsh rock sign // 44. Pear drop flavoured rock.

45. Push Pops - anyone remember these? // 46. Interesting items in a charity shop an old fashioned hot water bottle // 47. Old record player // 48. A lovely tea set and table 

49. Lots of interesting things in the charity shop // 50. A beautiful chest of draws. I would have bought this if I had the room // 51. Wedgwood dinner set // 52. Lots of royal mugs 

53. A sweet shop that specialises in American sweets. This seems like a thing to do these days as there are a lot of them popping up // 54. The tootsie rolls are really nice. I had a mug from Bloomingdales with them in and they were yummy // 55. Lots of sugary sweet drinks. I had vanilla coke in the uk and really didn't like it but they seem to have brought it back // 56. More sweet drinks 

As you can see from my 56 photos I had an amazing day and saw lots of lovely things. If you are every in North Wales Llandudno is definitely a place to visit. You can even swim in the sea if you are feeling brave enough. Then go for jam and scones in the town or maybe fish and chips. The town has lots of lovely little shops as well as the main high street ones. 

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  1. What a bevy of lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had so much fun.

    1. thank you, yes I did have lots of fun xxx