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Having my hair cut

I have not had my hair cut in a year or so as I have wanted my hair long. A lot of people say the more you have it cut the faster it grows. I'm not too sure on this theory so I have never actually tested it myself. As I want long hair so I just let it grow and see what happens.

I took myself down to Splash Soho after work on Thursday and had my hair cut, washed and partially dried in 30 minutes. I didn't have many opportunities to take lots of photos because as soon as I walked in and asked for my hair trimmed I was whisked to the hair washing station. The hair dresser told me to sit back and place my head in the groove of the sink so she could wash my hair. She didn't put a towel around my shoulders like I have had with other hair dressers washing my hair. So when she was washing my hair my top got soaked as the water ran down my neck. 

After my hair was washed with shampoo only, she moved me over to the cutting station rather quickly. She placed Moroccan oil in my hair and I was quite excited about the prospect of having the oil in my hair as I have heard a lot of beauty bloggers rave about it. It did make my hair smooth but I hate the smell of it and it has lasted for days afterwards hanging around. 

Anyway on with the cutting according to the hair dresser my hair was longer on one side than the other. I just thought she had cut it wrong and was making an excuse to compensate for her cutting it like that, but I looked back at this picture and noticed one side was longer than the other. I'd never noticed this before and thought she was making it up so I didn't leave a tip

After having my hair cut the same length all the way around I was a slightly annoyed that it was too short, but I guess it will grow back again. All I have to do is wait. 

Splash have a lot of iPads and digital picture frames advertising their services. They do a lot from Brazilian hair straightening to dying your hair. Also they tell you the days of the week which stylists works and on what hours. I've never seen this before. 

Sorry about the poor quality of the photo I was being summoned to pay the bill. 

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