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My week in pictures #3

Do you have a week in photos that you share? If so then leave me your links below so I can see them.

This week wasn't that eventful or I didn't take that many photos, but nontheless I had a fun time as I always do. 

1. Monday started with a great day at work and then dinner at Slug and Lettuce I had a clementine iced drink// 2. My mint lamb burger with chips and spicy coleslaw// 3. Cookie cup crumble - that's one tongue twister. This tasted delicious and I was sad that it was gone in a few bites// 4. Cleaning a keyboard in work after an orange juice spillage// 5. Vitamin water delivery at work, everyone helped themselves// 6. Coping with my sunburn and styling my hair little miss average style// 7. Counting all my lip balms is 22 too many?// 8. A new art instillation at Trafalgar Square - a blue cockerel// 9. Friday night drinks after work and Matt H fun round which consisted of shots. 

Hope you have had as much fun as I have had this week. 

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