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My week in pictures #4

It's that time of week again and I get to share my week in pictures with you. 

So lets get this show on the road - 

1.Shopping trip to Primark // 2. Barry M nail paints finally got my hands on the greenberry // 3. Oxford Street Shopping trip looking for a suit for my boyfriend // 4. Lemonade at Honest Burger // 5. Burgers at Honest Burger // 6. Cyclists in central London // 7. Cute dog I found at the shops very friendly happen // 8. Nail Art with my new colours // 9. Pigeon on the train that came to the next stop.

1. Plates I found in Poundland so cute // 2. Benefit Facial Polish trying out the product // 3. Poundland haul of bubble bath and nail wraps // 4. Cupcakes at the Bloggers Love event // 5. Having a manicure at the Bloggers Love event // 6. The view from the event // 7. My manicure and first taste of Essie nail polish - Tangerine // 8. Rain rain rain and more rain // 9. Live statue in China Town 

1. Bloke sleeping on the night bus, I wonder how many laps he did // 2. Transformer snacks on the night bus journey home // 3. Empty night bus - whole bus to myself // 4. Raspberry slush to keep cool in the heat // 5. Baking blueberry fairy cakes // 6. Baked cakes // 7. Making Sushi for the first time in my gadget // 8. Using my new rice cooker // 9. First attempt at making sushi - it went down well

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