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Poundland Haul

Yesterday I took a trip to Poundland in search of a Tangle Attack - Poundland's version of a Tangle Teaser. I can hear you asking how do I know they sell these? I saw a post on Bethany's Blog the other day and I wanted to try it to see what it was like as my hair gets really knotty when I don't put conditioner on it. But alas my Poundland did not have it in stock yet. I have a look in Wrexham when I visit my parents soon. 

Anyway, on with what I actually bought - Bottled at Source, not really sure if this is a well known brand or if this is Poundland's version of Original Source, but it smells amazing. You can really smell the honey with a hint of coco. I also picked up a pack of nail wraps. My friend at work had some nail wraps from Primark and they looked pretty, but I don't think they lasted that long. I saw an advert on TV for Myleen Class nail wraps and this lead me to purchase these nail wraps from Poundland as I wanted to test them out. I saw a post on Sue's blog Predict the day on these very nail wraps. There were other nail wraps available, but I chose this brand as it came with an emery board as well. When I finally try these wraps out I shall write a review, but for now this is my Poundland haul from yesterday 

Whilst in Poundland I saw these beautiful plates but didn't buy them. They are pot not plastic which is a surprise as most of the nice plates are plastic. I think I will go back and purchase them at some point. What do you think? I don't think they are a particular brand as it just had the Poundland sticker on the back.

Have you bought anything from Poundland recently? 

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  1. Oh my gosh those plates are so damn cute!!! I need to get down there and get some!!!
    poundland surprisingly has some awesome things!!


    1. For beauty items and plates Poundland is the best at the moment. I went to 99p stores and poundworld and I didn't see anything that caught my eye. xxx