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Poundland Wish list

Recently on Twitter, Bloglovin and Instagram a lot of bloggers have been picking up lots of exciting things from Poundland. I have saved up a few images I have borrowed from other bloggers as most of the items are not on the Poundland website. 

So lets begin. A few weeks back I picked up 2 O.P.I shatter nail polish - silver and purple. There was a green and black in the store when I bought them but I didn't want to get the dark colours as my friend had some black shatter nail polish and I didn't think it looked all that great. I purchase the silver and purple as I wanted to see what all the hype was about O.P.I and how the shatter nails worked. 

I saw this red shatter on I like red nail polish and have red nail polish in about 20 different shades. I am not too sure about red shatter, but I would like to try it to see what it is like and it's only £1. 

I don't wear make up, but seeing this Rimmel Wake Me Up I am interested to try it as its cheap and a well known brand.

I have heard a lot about Dainty Doll and that it has now been discontinued. I am interested in trying this as a lot of bloggers recommend this brand and I have very pale skin. 

This one isn't from Poundland it is from Pound World. It is their version of the TangleTeaser and it essentially does the same thing. Why not try it for £1. 

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  1. Dainty Doll is discontinued? I was looking forward to getting my hands on their products! :(

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Hey don't hold me to that. I thought they had, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe they are rebranding, but I thought I had read that somewhere xxx