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As I mentioned in my OOTD post I had walked up and down Oxford Street in search of a suit with my boyfriend. Whilst he was in search I was looking around the dresses in Primark and found this little number.  I am unsure about it as its not very loose fitting around the arms/shoulders as it feels quite tight if I left my hands up, let alone above my head. I wanted to wear it for my friends wedding I will be attending in Poland soon.

A close up of how it looks on the hanger. The price of this was £8.

I'm not too sure about this. What do you think? Yay or nay? 

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  1. I tried this dress on yesterday, it's lovely but even in a bigger size it was sooo tight around my shoulders and I struggled to get it off! Lovely but a bad fit on me!

    Donna xx

    1. I had to do the same thing. One size up and it's still tight around the shoulders. So I think I'll take it back because of my restricted movement. Xxxx

  2. The dress is lovely, but you can tell it's a poor fit. I'd say nay :)

    Nakita x

    1. More people have said take it back than keep and if you can see that it's a bad fit it's going back as I don't want to be in all my friends wedding photos looking silly in a dress that I can't move my arms in.