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Sunburn - Don't get it in the first place

Coping with Sunburn. My advise is don't get sunburn in the first place so you won't have to cope with it. Recently I spent 2 weeks in Lanzarote and I wore factor 50 everyday, covering up and staying in the shade as much as I could. When I returned home people joked that I looked whiter than I did before I went on holiday. I was pleased with myself that I did not burn or damage my skin. 

Then I went horse riding with my friend a week or 2 later and I caught the sun. During the horse riding lesson I did not really feel that the sun was out burning my skin and I didn't even notice that I had burnt until I got home and took my OOTD photo. 

You can see the red 
I was only out in the sun for an hour, maybe an hour and a half. This goes to show that you should wear sun cream at all times, if you have fair skin like me. Even if you are only outside for 30 minutes. Best to be safe than sorry. 

I had to wear my hair up for about a week because the sunburn was painful to touch and I didn't want to scratch it because I didn't want to peel. 

I applied this Aloe Vera cream I picked up from Lanzarote when I was there. I bought this because I bought my mum some as a gift last time I went on holiday to Spain and she really liked it. It smells like the Aloe Vera plant, so not sweet but it does the job. It soothed the sun burn and stopped it from stinging for a while and then I had to reapply. 

I also applied this after sun that I picked up when on holiday in Corfu. I got sunburnt on the last day as we ran out of suncream and then I had to suffer sunburn. This soothed my sunburn and left a glittery shimmer on my skin, which is lovely because it made my skin less red and funny looking. 

Whenever out in the sun no matter how long you are out apply sun cream as sunburn is painful and unpleasant. 

What do you use to cope with sunburn when you have it? 

I put the question to the #bbloggers and they said to use Aloe Vera or camomile lotion. I thought camomile lotion was only used for treating chicken pox, but I guess it makes sense that you would apply it to itchy sunburn.

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