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Wedding outfits

After placing a post on my blog a few weeks ago asking everyone's opinion on what outfit I should wear to the wedding I went with numbers 2 and 4. Turns out when I was numbering the photos in the post I could not count. I soon fixed that though. 

I wore this dress for the wedding and the party 
Then I wore this dress for the party the next day 

I had a fantastic time in Poland and really enjoyed taking part in a polish wedding. 

Also this weekend I attended one of my old friends weddings back in Wales I did not post a pick my outfit post for this wedding as I knew what I wanted to wear to that one. As I like to share, I have placed an image below of the outfit I wore to this wedding. My boyfriend happened to be in the picture too as his aunty took it before we left for the wedding. 

I bought this dress in a vintage store in Lincoln when we went to visit Kit's cousin and our train wasn't till the evening.

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