In carboot sale wrexham

Another carboot sale visit

It's carboot sale time again. Last Sunday I was picked up, by brother, at 7.45 am and we arrived around 8:15am/8:30am. This was the field when we arrived. Lots of people had dragged themselves out of bed to walk around the field in search of bargains. 

You could get yourself a duck or a few other teddies. 

Not sure if someone has up cycled this or they have made it from scratch but I'm sure Kirsty Allsop would be proud. 

You could furnish your home from this carboot from glasses to carpets as well as a few other goodies. 

Now for the dog spotting. I didn't manage to pet any of these dogs but I did take some snaps. 

I didn't see this bike when I took the photo I only saw it when I was showing my mum the photos. She seems to think it is made from wood and I think she's right. It looks like it took a long time to make. 

This dog is already going on a walk but is chewing on his lead. Maybe it tastes good. 

I think this dog was loose on this stall. 

Lots and lots of buttons for sale. 

There are lots of sellers with caravans that seem to put sheets down and empty boxes on top. 

This was an everything stall that sold ornaments to make up. 

I think these bells are old school bells or door bells. I don't think they are bells to get servants attention as I have seen some like that in Erddig Hall and they have spirals on them. 

Knitting and crochet stall. This may actually be all crochet I'm not able to tell the difference unless it's a granny square. 

Even with signs like this always haggle 20p. I didn't buy anything from these people though. 

My little pony I don't think I ever owned any or if I did I had one. There are plenty for sale.

Early morning shoppers. Everyone has bought something. 

After going to Chirk carboot we travelled down the road to Marchwiel to the carboot there. This car was there advertising for weddings but I didn't see any one sit in it. 

You could even get a set of doors 

Come and get your combs! Although I don't remember seeing any combs on that stall. I thought it was a strange thing to advertise. 

Rows and rows at Marchwiel. This doesn't usually happen. 

You could also buy a handmade dolls house. 

After visiting 2 carbootsales in one morning I came away with 2 items one from each boot sale. My first item was spotted by my brother and cost a whopping 50p. This book RRP's at £9.99 so a good saving of £9.49. I saw someone reading this book at work on Friday. I have only flicked through it but I will read it on my journeys to and from work. Hopefully it will help with my technical knowledge of work related things. 

My second purchase was this hanging plant pot. I have wanted one like this for a while as I bought a spider plant from Pimlico carboot at the beginning of the summer for 50p and it has started to grow trailers and I wanted them to hang down from a plant pot like the one below. Asking price was 50p but I went in with the 20p haggle and it was accepted. There were some dried up tulip bulbs in the plant pot but I didn't want those and placed them into another plant pot. Be sure to come back and see my spider plant be planted post. 

I had a fun morning going up and down the isles at the carboot, the sun was bright and hot so I was slightly warm in my tights and wellies get up.  My brother bought a few items too - 2 3D puzzles, a Lego train set, a Lego tree for 10p and some Harry Potter Lego. 

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  1. Ahh I love Car Boots! So many gems to find :)

    Helen x

    1. The worst part is getting up at 7:30am to get to the bargains before they are sold. But the best bit is finding gems and haggling. Xxx

  2. I think this is just the coolest thing! I'm sure that there are car boot sales here in America, but I've never known of one! We usually have yard sales or flea markets! And I would never think to haggle on something that is already 50p! I'd just imagine that's a fair deal and go with it! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. Another reason for you to come and visit. Carboot sales in London are different to the ones in Wales. I'd never be able to haggle down to 20p for an item. I love the thrill of the haggling are they going to say yes or make me pay more. Most of the time they say yes. It's exciting and addictive. Xxx