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BiBimBap Soho

A few weeks back my boyfriend took me to BiBimBap Soho for lunch. I arrived at 1pm and wanted to order food but the waitress would not let me have a table with out Kit being there. So I had to wait five minutes before he turned up and we could order/sit down. On our lunch break time is of the essence as you only have an hour which is really 50 minutes as you have to get to the restaurant and back in time. We ordered our drinks and was ready at this point to order our meal but the waitress said she would come and get our order in five minutes. That I find really annoying as my food needed to be cooking five minutes ago to be eaten/enjoyed. 

Anyway, I would like to say that after the small hiccup at the start I had a lovely time here and the food is amazing. 

I ordered honey lemon iced tea, which is my favourite in any Asian restaurant. Kit had green tea which tasted like popcorn. This I liked too but I like a cold drink with hot food. 

This is inside Kits pot of tea these little things looked and smelt a lot like popcorn. They definitely added favour to the tea. 

Seating arrangements solo people up at the bar, couples on the 2 tables and any more than 3 in a booth. 

The food arrives in these red hot bowls that made your food sizzle for five to ten minutes after it arrived. So be careful of getting burnt. Kit ordered beef and vegetable noodles with a raw egg. 

The egg was not raw for long as the bowl cooked if was you mixed to all together.  

I ordered chicken and rice, but when it came it was too spicy to eat so I swapped with Kit his beef dish was very tasty. 

All along the walls in BiBimBap are Polaroid pictures of customers who have signed their names next to the photos. This wall spelt we love BiBimBap. Another wall had a heart and I can't remember the rest. 

This food was very tasty and seemed like it was never ending. I really enjoyed the food here and the beef wasn't chewy. I hate going to restaurants and the beef is too chewy to eat. 

Have you been to BiBimBap? What did you order? And what should I order next time I go there?

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  1. This looks like a really cool restaurant, and the food looked very tasty! I love spicy food, so I think I would have loved the chicken and rice! Another place to add to my list of things to try if I ever make it over there one day! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. It was really cool. It was my first sample of Korean food and I would love to go back. I am a wimp when it comes to spices. Come over pllllleeeesse!