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iMovie on the iPad

I was watching a Primark haul on YouTube the other day and the person who I was watching said that they had used iMovie on iPad. I was wondering if it is worth downloading the iMovie app for my iPad and editing videos on there or I should just stick with iMovie on my MacBook. I thought about downloading it as I like to do things on my iPad when I am travelling to and from work and on my lunch breaks when it's raining. I like filming Primark hauls but editing them and recording the v/o is time consuming. I have to fire up my MacBook if I want to use iMovie and edit with it as well as uploading my rushes. Whereas if I film on my iPhone my rushes are backed up to my photo stream and are instantly accessible with any devise my photos stream is linked too. 

Have any of you used it on the iPad? How's the user interface and is it worth the £2.99 apple are charging for it?  As its all touch screen is it easier or harder to use and is the screen size big enough?

I am very tempted by it but I am put off by the £2.99 price as I don't want to have to pay that just to have the app and then have to pay more to unlock things. That I find incredibly annoying and frustrating. 

What do you recommend I should do?

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