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My week in pictures #7

My week in pictures on time this week! Lets begin - 

1. Lovely typewriter at the carboot I didn't ask how much it was I should have done // 2. About to drive to my boyfriends to go to our friends wedding // 3. Signing the card we are going to give our friends // 4. Place names where we sat // 5. My first taste of chilli concarne // 6. Trip to Llandudno granny on the slot machine // 7. Charity shop shopping in Llandudno // 8. Trip to Tesco's with my mum // 9. Trip to Asda with my mum 

10. Enjoying lunch with my mum - cakes from Asda // 11. Planting my Aloe Vera plant with mum // 12. Planting some small plug plants my mum got from the news paper // 13. Back at Wrexham station to go back to London // 14. Train arrives at Wrexham // 15. On the train going to Chester // 16. Hopping on the train to Euston // 17. The wheel after a night shift at work // 18. Going to work again - train does not stop here but it clearly does 

19. A man cycling on a bike with about 50 carrier bags tied to the front and back of the bike // 20. Confined space safety and rescue unit in Chinatown // 21. Having some sandwiches in work // 22. Walk home from work and I found lots of sunflowers // 22. Night bus home because I didn't want to walk up the hill // 23. Mc Donald's sausage and egg mc muffin without the egg for breakfast on the train // 24. Using my new bowl from my mum // 25. Cat up a fence meowing at me // 26. First taste of chippy chips

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  1. What an active week you've had! Lol, great pictures hun :) x