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Planting an Aloe Vera Plant

A few weeks back I went home to attend a friends wedding. I took my Aloe Vera plant that had been sitting in water since I came back from Lanzarote, I planted it with my mum, as she had the correct soil and a spare plant pot.

I mostly took photos and watch my mum wrestle with the polystyrene as she tried to break it up into pieces to go in the bottom of the plant pot. 

1. Mum breaking up the polystyrene // 2. The compost we used // 3. Adding the compost to the pot // 4. Getting my well travelled Aloe Vera plant ready to plant. 

5. Adding the Aloe Vera to the compost and tapping the compost down // 6. Finished planting my Aloe Vera plant // 7. My Aloe next to my mums Aloe. 

After we planted the Aloe Vera we moved onto planting plug plants my mum bought from the newspaper. 

I had the job of breaking the polystyrene this time. Then I added the compost ready to add the plug plants. 

Then I added some plant food, popped the plug plants out if their travel case and planted them into the prepared compost 

I enjoy gardening and its a vital part of the summer. 

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  1. I wish I were good at gardening! I can get a plant to grow, but I can never quite make it stay alive! One of these days, though! Also, I love the smell of compost dirt! Is it just me? xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average