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I haven't stepped foot into Primark in about a month or so and all the autumn winter stock has been moved in and the summer stock removed. This makes me really sad as I really enjoy the summer and the summer trends. Winter is so dark, dreary and cold it really doesn't fill me with enthusiasm. 

I aw the novelty Christmas jumpers in Primark last year and even took a few to try on in the changing room, but didn't purchase any as I didn't like the material the jumper was made from. However, this year I have managed to get my hands on a Christmas jumper. I picked this up from the men's section as the women's section had Christmas jumpers but not as much choice and didn't seem to be that well made. Anyway this is the jumper I picked up. I bought the small and a medium as I wasn't sure which one looked best. I shall take one back but I'm not sure which one I shall keep. 

I love the snow flakes and the Christmas trees. I was going to buy a red one with Santa and reindeers but I thought it was a little boring. There was a red one with a reindeer smoking a pipe with bells on his antlers. However, I thought the jingling from the bells would get annoying so I went for a quiet one. 

I then wondered over to the scarf section. This section was a mess. It was a wall of scarves rammed next to each other and they just mingled into one. I did mange to find this lovely rose scarf. I intend to wear this as it gets a bit cooler to keep me cosy 

I then went to the pyjama section and picked up this set for £5. It wasn't in the sale but I wanted it ready for next summer or for when it gets a bit warmer which really won't be anytime soon. 

My last purchase was this lovely red rose cardigan. Primark had a lot of variety with cardigans but this was the only one that caught my eye and was in my size. I tried it on with my denim sorts and I think this will look great with jeans and a plain top 

I did see this cardigan but the only size left was large and I looked drowned in it so I left it where it was 

Have you been to Primark recently? What have you picked up?

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  1. Those pajamas are so cute! And super cheap! I'd wear them year round, cold weather be damned! Just throw extra blankets on the bed and wear them now! Haha! Then again, it's far warmer here during the winter than it is there, and I have my husband and my cats stuffed in the bed with me! But I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an extra cold winter this year! We'll just have to see! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average