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Revlon charismatic and stunning

I took a trip to my local Poundland this afternoon and as I haven't been shopping in about 3 weeks all the shops had autumn winter stock. Poundland looked like it had just had a delivery of make up so I rummaged through the prongs and found these 2 nail polishes by Revlon. I am wondering why there is so much Revlon in Poundland at the moment, are they rebranding?

I bought 610 Charismatic and 340 Stunning for £2 as everything in Poundland is a pound. There were other colours there too such as lilac purple and baby blue. I can't remember any other ones but I wish they had they light green like mint candy apple as I would have purchased that. I may go to another Poundland and see what they have. 

I was wondering why these nail polishes were in Poundland and the only thing I can see is that the front of the bottle is blank so maybe they were miss printed. What ever reason that they were in Poundland I am happy. 

Megan from Little Miss Average did nail of the day post a few weeks back and I loved the nail polish she used. While purchasing these nail polishes I thought of the colours Megan had and she placed a glitter polish over the top. 

I am really impressed with both of these colours. I have never used Revlon nail polish before and I am very impressed with the results. Charismatic went on smoothly, no streaks and dried very quickly. I then applied Stunning over the top of Charismatic, it dried really quickly and the glitter spread evenly and thickly which is great as I love a lot of glitter. 

Have you bought anything from Poundland recently? What did you get? 

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  1. Those polishes look lovely! I'm really loving that glitter polish, though! I could wear glitter every day, I think! It's an easy way to make any look a bit more glamorous!

    That's crazy that you were thinking of my NOTD look! I started doing them as a way to just review nail polishes I like! Never would have thought anyone would remember any of the looks! You're such a sweetheart! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. I love them and I bought them from the pound shop. I love glitter too I used to have glitter glue pens as a child for arts and crafts those were lots of fun. I read your blog and I saw the polish in the store and was wondering if it was the one you bought. I subsequently checked when, I got home and saw it wasn't. I love the small glitter and big glitter.

      Keep up the NOTD posts! Xxxx