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Taste of Christmas

Last week I went to a taste of Christmas event at Elcantro in soho on Frith Street. I went along with my friends from work to sample the wine and nibbles. 

We were ushered upstairs to the second floor, where the restaurant had decorated the room with cinnamon candles and crackers. 

The tables were laid out but we didn't sit for too long as we were given a tour of the three floors of the restaurant. 

Once the tour was complete we were provided with a choice of wine or beer. I went with white wine. 

Then the nibbles arrived. Crackers with a choice of prawn purée, humous and something else. These were tasty and I most probably ate the most of these. 

More of the same nibbles

The night started at 6 and we left around 9pm. We arrived and no one else arrived till about 8:30pm and by then we had nibbled all the nibbles. 

Lamb and cous cous on a spoon. The lamb was nice but the cous cous was dry. 

These potatoes were yummy too filled with ketchup and mayonnaise. 

Nice to hear that they had 5,000 of these menus printed and they have mouse instead of mousse. 

Me with my friend Carina 

Me with my friend Jo 

The night was a success considering we didn't have to pay anything or give any details over to the restaurant. The staff were very welcoming and friendly. They also told us about the history of the restaurant and their other branches. Once this talk was out the way we mingled with the staff and stuffed our faces. 

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