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A trip to Surbiton and Kingston

On Saturday I took a trip with Kit to Surbiton and Kingston. We took the train from Waterloo to Surbiton.

I love the architecture of Surbiton as it looks very Art Deco, which is one of her the reasons I chose to go to Surbiton station over Kingston. Another reason was the planned engineering works preventing any trains getting to Kingston so it was a win win. I love the clock, the doors and the lines of glass on the station.

I wish they would stop cars from parking outside the station as they spoil the picture especially that white van. Not much has changed since I visited Surbiton last, the station seems to have had a lick of paint and the Odd Bins at the station has been replaced with a Sainsbury's Local. 

The high street still contains the same shops apart from Woolworth's which is now a 99p store even that has a lovely building. 

Someone today told me that the station was used in Harry Potter, is this true?

After looking at Surbiton High Street we took a walk along Brighton Road, where we used to live in a flat when we were students. I found some pretty plants along the way. 

We even walked to Kit's old halls to have a look. When Kit was there the rooms had no internet access or wifi. I imagine that has changed now, as that was 9 years ago. 

After this walk we did a bit more walking and walked along the Thames to Kingston. The walk is about 20 minutes but as I was stopping and taking lots and lots of pictures it took about 45 minutes. The view of the river is spectular. 

After walking along the Thames to Kingston we then headed into the town centre having a look at the shops and the market. The market seemed to be under construction so there weren't too many stalls.

I then had a look in Lush's window and saw a little girl having a birthday party in there where all her friends were trying out the soap or something with a member of staff demonstrating and a lot of squeals coming from the girls. Birthday parties when I was younger were either at a pub, mc Donald's, a farm or play house. Never a shop. Anyway this is getting away from my photograph I saw these cute little Christmas penguin in the window. 

I had a look in Tiger as they only have stores in the south of England. There is one on Tottenham Court Road but I rarely go there. They have lots and lots of stationary and other nick nacks. I found this year planner for £3 and I think I may go back and get it instead of a diary for next year. 

After this I got hungry so we had to find somewhere with food and football. It was part of the deal of going out for the day. That the football could be watched. I was happy with this as I discovered that pubs have free wifi access if you sign up to a news letter. I was happy to do this as I was able to play about in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

My hot dog and chips although it was just a large sausage rather than a hot dog sausage. 

After this we walked back to Surbiton station and got the fast train back to Waterloo that only took 20 minutes. 

I had a lovely day out in Surbiton and Kingston. What did you do on saturday? 

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