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Another weekend adventure - destination Camden Town

Sunday was filled with more photos and food. I chose to go to Camden as I knew it had lots of food stalls and a variety of food. I know that if I get Kit fed and watered he'll come along. No food and he will get grumpy. I also knew Camden was an interesting place to photograph. 

Beginning the journey at Camden tube station, I don't normally take the tube but we took it there and walked back to Charing Cross from Camden at the end of the day, it took about an hour to do this, but I was stopping and taking pictures on the way back. There were trainers thrown over the telephone wires, but I am not sure what for but it did look pretty maybe it's just art. As you can see the streets were packed with tourists hopping in and out of the shops on the high street. I didn't go into any of the shops and headed straight for Camden Lock. In my head this is where I wanted to take my photos. 

There are lots of little motorbike seats to sit on to eat your food and there was plenty of room for everyone we sat and ate our food from them. These seats had a few of the canal, the seats we chose to sit on were facing a wall so not much of a view. But the food to choose from was amazing lots of different colours and smells. 

I went with a Mexican chicken quesadilla which was delicious and the men on the he stall that cooked it took their time and it was piping hot. I had the choice of it being spicy but I declined as I don't like too much spice as I feel it ruins the food. 
Kit had a chicken curry, but the chicken looks like chips, it wasn't. Then we wandered around and saw lots of people buying these doughnuts from a market stall. 

After navigating through the food stalls we then moved onto the market. There were keys hanging from the ceiling not sure why but I liked it. Then we watched two barges go through the locks, this was pleasant to see. Then we walked into another food market and I saw this little girl eating her food. I love the colours of her dress, hat and toy dog. 

We picked up some free samples of falafel and bought some masala chai with French doughnuts. The man had to put some effort into pushing the lock open as the woman was struggling. 

This sushi looked yummy and all the ingredients for the masala chai smelt fantastic. Yummy looking cookies and French doughnuts on the stall we bought them. 

When we walked along the canal a man and woman approached us with large pictures asking us if we wanted to go on the musical boat or she called it something musical. I love the idea of going on a boat, but I don't like the idea of someone playing annoying music in the background. That would just spoil the journey. I did really want to go on the boat though. 
We then wandered around the clothing part of the market where there were a mix of fabrics and clothes to purchase. Then a look at the Camden bridge. 

On our walk back to Charing Cross Kit saw these lights in a restaurant in Soho and they look so beautiful with all their different colours. I would love to own some lights like these. 

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  1. I was actually around Camden on Sunday! My flatmates and I went to the Argos there to pick up some kitchenware! x

    1. Wow! How exciting. I shall check my pictures to see if I snapped you. I walked past the Argos when we left and walked to Charing Cross. Hope you had fun there and took lots and lots of pictures. Blog post please! Xxxx

  2. These photos are gorgeous, babe! Giving me serious wanderlust here! Makes me want to live in the UK more than I already do! The food looks amazing and I just love how dreamy everything is! This was a great post, hun! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. Thanks lovely. I am pleased that you like my pictures. I love going out and about with my camera. I really want a lens for my camera as my friend leant me his for the weekend and he's not in London this weekend so I can't borrow it again. Poop! Glad you liked the post. Xxxxx