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At trip to the Southbank at the weekend

I took a trip to the Southbank this weekend, on Saturday infact. The reason for my visit was to take as many photos as I could with my friends prime lense and below are the results. I had to get used to using the lens at first as it has no zoom and you need to step about 1 metre away from the subject you want to photograph. This is great for open spaces but not when there are crowds of people wandering past the object you want to photograph. I had to stand around for quite a bit to wait for the crowds to clear and get the shot I wanted, but as you can see in the results below it was worth it. After using this lens I am trying to work out which lens to buy. 

Autumn colours and tourists, autumn is definitely on the way as the leaves have fallen off the trees and the plants are changing colours. 

The food available on the Southbank looked delicious, there was plenty of choice and when it came time to eat I didn't know what to buy. Most things were about £5/£6 and that didn't include a drink, but it was homemade. 

I love all these little cakes with Pansy's on top. I think they are edible as they wouldn't put them on if they weren't. Definitely spoilt for choice. If I could I would have bought 1 of every cake I saw. 

Lots more shots of delicious looking food and drinks. The cups of juice remind me of the markets in New York and how they display their drinks. Although in NYC the drinks are iced cold. I don't think these drinks were, but they still look mouthwatering. 

More cakes, pies, drinks and Spanish food. There was definitely enough choice to suit all the family even if you have to queue a few times to get everyone their food.

I love this shot of the chic peas, I'm not sure why but it just makes them look wonderful. They tasted great too, I had chic peas and lamb for lunch and Kit had a pulled pork sandwich with lettuce, although they look like weeds. I love how the mac and cheese seller had been inventive with the titles of her product when all it was, was mac and cheese and a few extra bits. Then my first taste of churros, I am sure I have tried them before but never actually gone out of my way to buy any. 

Queues for the wheel were long. Bubbles by the Thames. Art by the Thames and more bubbles, so pretty. 

Lovely looking bread waiting for burgers. A dog waiting for his sushi. Fancy food and my mango drink from Starbucks with half my name on it to finish the day.  

I had a wonderful time this weekend and I completed all of this on Saturday. I have another instalment of photos from my trip to Camden on Sunday, which will be in tomorrow's post so look out for that. 

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  1. Lovely photos, you've made me so hungry now :o). Xx

    1. Thank you. I love to take pictures. When I go out with my camera I don't put it down. Hope you got some food. Xxx

  2. Looks amazing, they never get my name right at Starbucks, even when I tell them just to write "Kat" I always get back Katherine or similar.. so not close. :)

    1. It's so frustrating. I just want my name spelt correctly or just stop with the questions asking my name and give me my drink. Xxx