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Beauty advent calendars

At Christmas last year my dad bought my iPad for me and I properly started using it in January and haven't put it down since! I take it everywhere with me. In January I properly discovered blogs and blogging. I knew they had been around for a while, but my first discovery was in 2005 at university, with two of my favourite blogs - Petite Anglaise and Save Karyn - which sadly are no longer written, but the content is all there and just as exciting to read. Whilst exploring all the beauty blogs I stumbled across, I can't remember how exactly, I saw the ciate nail polish advent calendar on I Covett Thee. At the time of seeing this I wanted it immediately, but they had all sold out, being after Christmas and all. 

Gone are the days where the awful chocolate advent calendars were a must have and beauty advent calendars have replaced them. I bought a chocolate advent calendar for 1p from Sainsbury's one year. Then another year my mum bought a stocking advent calendar and put a new gift in it each day to christmas. I wonder if she still has it?

So this year I am ready keeping my eyes and ears peeled for beauty advent calendars, it seems like they are a recent phenomenon and more and more companies are jumping on the band wagon. So far this year I have discovered... 

Boots have a beauty advent calendar, this is the one I want the most - £30

Along with the Famous Ciate nail polish advent calendar - £42. Although I have never used a Ciate nail polish, I have heard they are a good brand.
Even though this is not a beauty advent calendar I still think it is an advent calendar that beauty bloggers and other bloggers would love. Yankee Candle - £21.99. Imagine the smells that this could have. 

Benefit Advent Calendar - A Count Down to Love. This is not for sale yet so I don't know the price and it's not screaming come and get me like the other 3 above.

Selfridges have their own advent calendar packed full of brands -  £84. Now I think this one is very over priced, but it does contain a lot of luxury brands so the price could be justified. But for me this advent calendar is staying in the shop.

Have you bought any beauty advent calendars or got your sights, like me, on any of them? 

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  1. I wish we got the Yankee Candle one here in the US! I love candles so much, and this is definitely something I would love opening each day! I bought the Benefit one and I'm so excited for December to come so I can start counting down to Christmas with it! It's a huge bargain! Here it's $68, but the total product value is over $170! You really can't beat that! I hope more beauty brands start doing advent calendars! They're a great idea and easy gift! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. I love them all, but the boots one intrigues me the most. I am so lucky my parents bought me one and hopefully I will be able to have it this weekend ready for December which isn't too far away! Hope you like the benefit one I went really swayed by that, but it seems to be like good value for money. I really like the ciate mini mani month. I love a good advent calendar, but this is my first time that I will experience a none chocolate advent calendar from a brand. My mum used to have one which was 25 stockings and she would put treats in there for me each day, that was really good fun.