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Beauty things I am rubbish at

Beauty Things I Am rubbish at!

I have been tagged by Leah from Painted Daises to complete this tag. I haven't been tagged in anything recently.

What beauty things are you rubbish at? I nominate 
Blog Beth from Bethany Worrall 
Megan from Little Miss Average
Carrie from Carrie Brighton  

And just this week I have been tagged in 2 posts this one and a lipstick post. Thank you Leah for tagging me and hopefully I am not too boring with my answers and I got this right. 

Let's begin! 

I have had my eyebrows waxed once and I couldn't see much of a difference between the before and after only that I had two red patches on my face. I have never been back. Sometimes I pluck them but this is a rare occasion. I should go and sort them out. 

I go through phases of having long hair or short hair so I go to the hair dressers once a year and only for a trim. I don't like going to the hair dressers as I don't like the small talk and I think it is expensive. I always wash and straighten my hair everyday and either have it up or down. I need more hair styles. 

Painting my nails on my Right hand
No matter how many times I paint my nails I always end up with more nail polish on my fingers than my nails. I still can't paint my nails like they do in the salons. 

Applying False eyelashes
Admittedly, I do not wear false eyelashes or go anywhere that I need to wear them so I imagine if I was to apply false eyelashes I would be pretty rubbish at it.

Applying Make Up
Now I am pretty rubbish at this as I never wear make up as it just makes my face itch and I end up forgetting I have it on and wipe it all off before I get to the train station. However, I did really enjoy the Benefit make over I had.

What beauty things are you rubbish at? 

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