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Beauty Wish List

I have wanted to do a Beauty Wish List for a while now as I have been thinking about what I would like to buy. 

Lets begin and start with my favourite - 

I had my first glance of a beauty advent calendar last year for Ciate mini mani month

Lush lip scrub - the bubblegum not the popcorn as I think I would hate the taste. 

EOS lip balm - everyone is talking about these so I really want to try them to see what they are like. 

Maybelline new lip balms everyone is raving about 

Clay face mask I saw on peanut butter and chocolate life

Mint nail polish from Essie, Rimmel or Maybeline and Lychee Barry m nail polish 

Soap and glory hand sanitiser - another product that every blogger seems to own and love the smell

Benefit foundation - that is good for my pale skin and doesn't make me orange 

Benefit blusher - I really liked the Benefit Blusher I used when I had my free make over. 

A red lipstick maybe from mac or Rimmel - as I have pale skin I want some bright Red lipstick to stand out. 
The one below is Russian Red - I was recommended this by another beauty blogger. 

Sunnyside bubble bar - I have had one of these before and loved it, I didn't use it all in one go as it was expensive and chopped it up. 

Melting snowman - these looked pretty cool and I was curious as to what happens to the chocolate in the bath. 

Revlon nail polish - I love the look of this. I think it called Candy girl. Anyone know it's real name?

There you go my Beauty Wish list. It is pretty long and I am sure I haven't included everything I have been eyeing up but this will do. Most of the images in this post have come from other blogs, which I have linked and the rest have come from the store where you can buy them. What are your beauty wish lists? leave your link in the comments. 

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  1. I know the name of that nail polish because I have it (and it was in my post for the rainbow collab we did)! It's called Girly! LOVE IT! You should definitely get it if you haven't already! It's a great spring polish to wear! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. I'm going to wait till after Christmas to see what Santa brings me and I may buy it with my boots points as I'm sure I have enough.