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Brighton Brighton Brighton

Ten points for guessing where I went on Sunday. We took the train to Brighton from London bridge. 

We bought our tickets from the ticket office at London bridge, which it only cost £16.60 for returns for the both of us! When I was paying I had to check that I had just bought the right thing as it seemed extremely cheap. Yep I had bought the right thing and we were going to Brighton. YAY!!!!

After an hours journey we arrived at Brighton. I had already picked where I wanted to eat before we had even got to Brighton as I had previously been there. 

 I went to Foodilic in April 2012. I'm not sure if it was called that back then as it said opening May 2013 on their Twitter. Anyway last time I went I really enjoyed the food and loved that it was an all you can eat. I made sure we walked past the restaurant first and I enquiried to see what time they were open till - 6pm. This left us enough time to walk around the Lanes and come back for food before it shut. 

The Lanes are an area of Brighton that is famous for its Boutique shops and cafés. I wanted to go there as I saw a shop that sold lunch bags last time I visited but I didn't pick one up as I was with my boyfriend's parents and his brother and his brother's girlfriend and I didn't want to keep them waiting. I didn't find the shop that I saw the lunch bags in. I think it had closed down or maybe it moved elsewhere but I did find a shop called Bert's Homestore, which had an array of kitchen things as well as a lunch bags. 

There were plenty of designs to choose from. I went with this one as it was the first one I saw that I liked the look of. I have about 6 lunch bags but one more won't harm, right? I now have enough for every day of the week and if I was super organised I could make lunches for the whole week in a separate lunch bag. Oooh a lunch bag post, I shall write that soon. 

After buying my lunch bag we had a look around a few more shops. 

There were lots more pretty things 

After visiting the quaint little shops we went to a fruit and veg market where all the produce was fresh and smelt delightful. 

This smelt great. 

I was given a free cucumber at the market. I bought some isle of white garlic which was bigger than the average garlic you find in supermarkets. Just outside the market were these tables and chairs which I assume were for sale but I didn't see how much they were. I particularly like the wicker ones. 

I love old telephones my favourites are the green one and the cream one next to the black phone. I'd like to own one as my grandparents had phones like these. 

Stilleto roller skates don't look very safe. Maybe they were sold separately. 

Lots and lots of shops seem to be cashing in on the Cambridge satchels these satchels close by poppers rather than by the buckle and once it is opened there is no zip to secure your belongings another feature I am not so keen on. I would be interested to see how the Cambridge satchels actually fasten as I saw a woman on the train with a satchel with her, I assume, initials sewn into the leather. 

After this we went for food at Foodilic. 

Kit's food 

When you walk in you pick a table, are given a drinks menu and go help yourself to the buffet. I let Kit get up first and then I followed him with my camera and took some snaps of him and the food. 

I went with the sour cherry which was yummy but I would have liked more. 

Brighton has a lot of dog owners and plenty were walked about the town on Saturday. 

After an afternoon of wandering around the town centre we took a walk to the beach and I snapped some photographs as the sun set. This one below is a particular favourite of mine. I love the reflecting water and orange sky. 

My feet on Brighton beach which is full of these pebbles. The sand is very limited and is only close to the water. 

I love this photo as the couple could be anyone as they are unidentifiable 

A shot of us at the beginning of Brighton pier after we had just explored it. 

Says it all. 

After taking snaps all day and walking along the pier we headed back to the train and came back home to London. 

Have you ever been to Brighton and are there any places you'd recommend as a place to visit?

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  1. Looks like you had loads of fun, great pics

    1. I had a wonderful time thank you and I love taking pictures



  2. These pictures are beautiful! Makes me want to be over there, wandering the street fairs and shops! It looks like you had an amazing time! I love your picture posts, hun! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. Glad you like this post. I had a really good time there even though it was just a day trip as the hotels were too expensive. I want to go out with my camera again but it's getting colder and darker hardly great photo weather, I hope to get a lens for Christmas so I can take lots of photos and go to some Christmas markets.