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I have had this page up for some time now. I wrote it when I first started blogging and discovering bloggers/YouTube in January this year when I finally opened my iPad I had for Christmas from my Dad. Thanks Dad xxx. I feel that although some of these blogs are my favourite blogs and I read them from time to time catching up on their posts since I last visited. I want to reevaluate my favourite blogs list and high light the blog buttons I have on my side bar. 

I had toyed with the idea of making a blog button for a while and when I saw Blog Beth had made a blog button. I was straight to her twitter with questions of how did you make that and what site did you use? I attempted to make the button the same way she did but got confused and gave up. I then took to twitter again and was told about this link where you put your blog button image, your page URL and something else, then your blog button is made with no fuss and one click of a button. Thank you people who designed this. 

Anyway, I have got side tracked again and I wanted to tell you about the wonderful bloggers I have on my side bar. Let's begin - 

Little Miss Average aka Megan is a lovely young lady from America who is married and has the sweetest husband. I met Megan through Twitter via blogging and using the #bbloggers. She had stumbled across my blog through the hase of blogs and general internet and let me know she loved it. This made me happy that my blog was enjoyable for more than family members. I was so pleased she contacted me to say hello as I think she's a sweetheart and has a lovely blog that demonstraits her love for make up and general loveliness. Megan loves a good blog collaboration and working with other bloggers. Megan has also just had a redesign of her blog and it looks beautiful. 

Painted Daisies is run by Leah and it was previously known as The Northern Doll. I discovered Leah and her YouTube channel when watching Primark Hauls. Leah has a few up and I have watched everyone of them. She always has a massive haul and they are definitely a great watch. Then she began her blog and like her YouTube I was there from the beginning or at least close to it. We started YouTube and blogging around the same time. I love the new look of her blog and she writes some lovely posts on make up and clothing. I may have pestered her a few times for a blog button. If you love the things I love then you will love Leah's blog. She also has a kitten so brownie points from me for getting Millie. 

Blog Beth - hola! To Beth for getting a blog button and making me make one too. Beth has grown her blog rapidly over the past few months and is in Bloglovin's up and coming beauty bloggers list at number 3, last time I checked, she may be number 1 now. Beth is from the North And writes about her splurges in Boots, online and any other place that sells beauty items. She also does lifestyle posts too about her trips out to the beach and also dabbles in OOTD posts. Beth is always on Twitter and Instagram so be sure to give her a follow on that. I discoverd Beth on the #bbloggers chat on Twitter and moved onto her blog. 

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life - the prize goes to Daphne for having the longest blog name. I met Daphne through a collaboration with Megan from Little Miss Average. I participated in the colour of the rainbow tag that Megan and daphne were in charge of, if you want to see the post it is here. Daphne like all the other bloggers mentioned above is lovely and also always on twitter if you ever want to chat. I'm working on getting her on Instagram so hopefully she'll have one soon ;) Daphne, like Blog Beth writes about make up and hauls of make up purchases. She also writes lifestyle posts more now that she lives in London. She also participates in a lot of collaborations which I like to dabble in from time to time. 

Now two blogs that I also love reading but don't have blog buttons are Curled Fantasies by Katie 

and Little Red by Elinor. 

Katie writes about make up, household items and blogging meet ups as well as a few life style posts thrown into the mix. I love Katie's blog as her personality shines through in her writing style. Elinor also writes beauty reviews, lifestyle posts, fashion posts, make up styles and cooking. She has a bit of everything blog which is why I love reading it. I was lucky enough to meet the lovely Elinor at a bloggers love event in London. She was the first blogger/person I met from Twitter. It was lovely to meet her, she was so friendly and welcoming even if I did make her walk miles. 

I just had another thought and remembered another bloggers blog I love to read Carrie from Carrie Brighton. I am in love with her dogs, when I am older I want two dogs just like that and to photograph them all the time my Instagram feed will be bursting. She also writes about make up, lifestyle, candles, cooking and her photographs are beautiful. 

And that concludes my sharing of my fabulous reads I have on the side of my blog and other blogs I really enjoy reading. You should go check all these blogs out as I love to see what these lovely ladies have been up too. 

Leave your favourite blogs in the comments below so I can go check them out. 

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation s - it's always great to discover new blogs! Xx

    1. Glad you like it. I read these blogs everyday and they are well worth the read as the ladies behind them are lovely. xxx

  2. Aww, thanks lovely! You're ridiculously sweet! I've been realizing that my blog name is incredulously long, but I can't bother to change it. Haha! x

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate Life | bloglovin

    1. Way way way too long but I remember it xxx

  3. Aw, thank you, hunny! That is so sweet of you! And you've picked loads of other fantastic ladies! They are all amazing, just like you! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. You're just lovely. I want to share your blog as I love reading it and I think more people would enjoy it if they knew about it. Sharing the blogger love. Xxx