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Nail Wraps Update

Last week I posted about nail wraps I had picked up from Poundland and applied them on Sunday 13th October and only one fell off, but this was easily fixed by a bit of clear nail varnish and it has stayed on for as long as the others have. 

I have removed them more than a week and a half later on Wednesday 23rd October. The reason is not because they have fallen off, but because the nail wraps have been scratched/broken with wear and tear. I would definitely recommend anyone who is after cool nail designs which are mess free and easy to apply to try these out. My only grumble is that they only have one size and some of the wraps do not fit all of my nails. 

I have loved wearing these but I am not sure that I would buy any more as they felt a little strange when I first applied them. I was worried they would come off after the first hand wash or when I washed my hair and surprisingly they didn't. If anyone is looking for a stocking filler for this christmas I would head down to Poundland as they are currently on offer 3 for £1.

I have just removed them and they had a lot of stick left in them as I had to pull quite hard to remove them. My nails look a little strange without them on, but definitely an accessory to go with any outfit and be able to use your nails afterwards. 

Have you tried any nail wraps? What did you think of them and what was the brand you used?

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  1. I get on okay with nail wraps, but I have such small fingers that even the smallest size is too big, so I can trim to fit!

    Why don't you try nail decals? Paint the nail and add the sticker, they have a little protective film with the sticker, not as strong as a nail wrap at all, but still great designs!!

    I just reviewed some Halloween Nail Decals if you want to see what I am talking about -

    Emma | DollfaceBlogs xo

    1. That's a little frustrating that you have smaller nails. Definitely better tan bigger ones like mine. I shall try find some I saw a pic on Instagram of nail decals. Thanks lovely. Xxx

  2. Replies
    1. I wasn't so sure about them but I was really impressed with how long they lasted. Xxx