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A few weeks ago, maybe even a few months ago I popped into Poundland and saw these nail wraps hanging up. 

I had heard of nail wraps before but I have never tried them out. My mum bought me a box of nail art goodies from QVC when I was a teenager but I stupidly didn't use it and I think I sold it at a carboot or on eBay. In the box there were some nail foils that you would place the foil on your nail and then use a wooden stick for the foil to transfer to your nail and then paint over the top with clear nail varnish. There was also temperature nail polish, which changed colours depending on whether it was hot or cold. I used this nail polish the most. 

Anyway this is getting away from the point of this post. My purchase of nail wraps from Poundland and finally applying them to my nails. They are very quick and easy to apply. They don't smell and create very little mess. Also you don't have to hang around for at least 5 minutes waiting for nail polish to dry. I had to follow 5 steps to apply these nail wraps. 

I found it easier to fold the nail wrap over the top of the nail so you don't damage the nail wrap when shaping it with the nail file.

I found it easier to apply the mail wraps to my left hand than my right as I'm right handed. 

I only noticed after applying the nail wraps they were not in order of which nail to apply the wrap too. 

Some of the nail wraps were too small for my nails or too big and didn't sit flush. 

The finished piece. All ten nail wraps applied and look pretty. However, as you can see there are some gaps and they are a bit bobbly. 

There was also quite a bit of waste from the nail wraps when I file them off. If I cut them to shape and filed them again onto my nails this could work. So instead of having 20 nail wraps for £1 I could have had 40. 

All in all they were quick and easy to apply. They do not smell and make no mess. They seem to be made from plastic rather than foil so they can get wet, but I washed my hands about 6 or 7 times and 1 nail wrap fell off but I stuck it back on and it seems to be sticking. I think if anymore fell off I would place clear nail polish underneath them to make them stick. I don't think it would work if I put it on the he top. 

I'm not sure if I would buy these again as they seemed a little expensive for what they are and they don't all sit flush, but if you want fancy nails for a fraction of the price of having them done in the salon and for them to be done in record time then these are for you.

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  1. Those nail wraps are adorable and very you! I've always wanted to try nail wraps, but just never seem to buy a set when I go to the store! And now I've got a set in my giveaway and I still haven't tried any yet! I really like those! Very nautical and summery! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. When I bought them I really wasn't feeling them as I thought I hadn't picked the right colours and they wouldn't go with my clothes. But I really enjoyed wearing them although I don't think I'd buy them again. Xxx