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Trip to Borough Market

Yesterday we went on a trip to London's Borough Market near London Brigde. We arrived there around 2pma me the place was packed. I wasn't expecting so many people to be there. In certain places you were shoulder to shoulder with people. I have just placed the photos below and haven't put any commentary by all them, as I simply took lots of photos. There were so many colours from the varied produce. Enjoy! 

Lots of people browsing on a Saturday afternoon 

Juicy colourful tomatoes 

I love the vivid colours of the vegetables. 

I have had these berries in Amsterdam on a cake once and have never seen them in the uk until now. 

Tables and tables of colourful fruit and veg to choose from

Expensive garlic at £14 a pop 

Our lunch - bacon, cheese and bubble bap

I remember my dad buying me some of these sticks when I was a child. You have to chew them and they will eventually taste of liquorish I think

Have you ever been to Borough Market? What did you eat when you were there? 

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  1. Borough Market is an absolute food haven - so many unique products and skilled sellers! Oooo I really want to visit again now :)

    Helen x

    1. You'll have a great time all the sellers are very friendly and are happy for you to try their products. Xxx

  2. All that produce is making my mouth water! It looks so nice and fresh! And the colors are absolutely divine! I don't know how you didn't buy up the lot of it! I'd go broke with all that glorious fruit and veg around! Also, you look adorable in that one photo! It's a really fantastic one of you! xx

    Megan | Little Miss Average

    1. I was too busy to taking pictures to be buying all the produce but the things I did buy I was really happy with. Even my bitter iced tea. Thanks I love the photo of me in my new hat. It keeps me really warm. I think that was the best photo my boyfriend took of me that day.
      You should definitely plan a visit and we can go there xxx