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On my way to work yesterday, in a sleepy state, walking towards Leicester Square and I bumped into the Coca Cola Santa truck, parked outside Capital Radio, which is famously on television around christmas.

I thought this truck only existed in the adverts and I never dreamt of seeing it in the street. So as I do when I see things I want to share I got my iphone out of my pocket and started snapping away. I was however slightly disappointed that the christmas lights weren't turn on.

There was a film crew set up across the road from it, but they didn't seem to be doing anything and didn't complain when I started taking photos. 

Having uploaded my image to Instagram with the hastag Holidays are coming, I thought about having a look on good old google to find out what the Coke truck actually does and I was suprised to find out that it tours the country from 23rd November to 23rd December. 

I went onto their website and discovered lots of event across the country where you can have your photo with the Coca Cola truck and enjoy festive magic. 

The events that are being held can be found here, you just need to put your town in or postcode and the map will point you in the right direction. I am disappointed that there are only 2 stops in   Wales, which are in the South Cardiff and Newport. People in Wrexham will have to travel to Chester to see this spectacular event. 

The Route starts in Inverness and ends in Dartford at Bluewater shopping center. It seems like there are 2 trucks travelling the country.

Have a look to see if the Coca Cola truck is stopping in a town near you. 

  1. Inverness Retail Park Inverness, 23rd November, 13:00 - 21:00
  2. Blackpool Tower Festival Blackpool, 23rd November, 12:00 - 20:00
  3. Union Square Aberdeen, 24th November, 1pm - 9pm
  4. Preston Flag Market Preston, 24th November, 11am - 7pm
  5. Overgate Shopping Centre Dundee, 26th November, 11:30am - 7:30pm
  6. Trafford Center Machester, 26th November, 1pm - 9pm
  7. Braehead Shopping Center Glasgow, 27th November, 1pm - 9pm
  8. Liverpool One Liverpool, 27th November, 1pm - 9pm
  9. Grassmarket Edinburgh, 28th November, 1pm - 9pm
  10. Broughton Shopping Park Chester, 28th November, 1pm - 9pm
  11. Market Cross Carlisle, 29th November, 12pm - 8pm
  12. Tontine Square Stoke-on-Trent, 29th November, 12pm - 8pm
  13. The Bridges Shopping Center Sunderland, 30th November, 11:30am - 7:30pm
  14. Telford Shopping Center Telford, 30th November, 12pm - 8pm
  15. Corporation Road Middlesbrough, 1st December, 12pm - 8pm
  16. Market Square Wolverhampton, 1st December, 11am - 7pm
  17. Ripon Market Square Ripon, 3rd Decemeber, 12pm - 8pm
  18. Bullring shopping Centre Birmingham, 3rd December, 12pm - 8pm
  19. Parliment Street York, 4th December, 1pm - 9pm
  20. Broadgate Street Coventry, 4th December, 12pm - 8pm.
  21. Queen Victoria Square Hull, 5th December, 1pm - 9pm
  22. Kings Square Gloucester, 5th December, 1pm - 9pm
  23. White Rose Shopping Centre Leeds, 6th December, 12pm - 8pm
  24. Wharf Green Swindon, 6th December, 12pm - 8pm
  25. City Park Bradford, 7th December, 1pm - 9pm
  26. The O2 Arena London, 7th December, 12pm - 8pm
  27. Macaulay Street Huddersfield, 8th December, 10am - 6pm
  28. The O2 Arena London, 8th December, 12pm - 8pm
  29. Broad Street Oxford, 9th December, 11am - 7pm
  30. Meadowhall Shopping Centre Sheffield, 10th December, 1pm - 9pm
  31. The Oracle Shopping Centre Reading, 11th December, 1pm - 9pm
  32. Market Place Derby, 12th December, 12pm - 8pm
  33. The Mall at Cribbs Causeway Bristol, 12th December, 1pm - 9pm
  34. Highcross Leicester, 13th December, 1pm - 9pm
  35. The Riverfront Newport, 13th December, 12pm - 8pm
  36. Bridge Street Peterborough, 14th December, 1pm - 9pm
  37. St David's Shopping Centre Cardiff, 14th December, 12pm - 8pm
  38. Chapelfield Shopping Centre Norwich, 15th December, 11am - 7pm
  39. Bedford Street Exeter, 15th December, 10am - 6pm
  40. Ipswich Town Hall Forecourt Ipswich, 16th December, 1pm - 9pm
  41. The Triangle Bournemouth, 17th December, 1pm - 9pm
  42. St George's Square Luton, 18th December, 1pm - 9pm
  43. Guildhall Square Southampton, 18th December, 1pm - 9pm
  44. Abington Street Northampton, 19th December, 1pm - 9pm,
  45. Guildhall Square Portsmouth, 19th December, 12pm - 8pm
  46. The Center:MK Milton Keynes, 20th December, 1pm - 9pm
  47. 10 East Street Chichester, 20th December, 1pm - 9pm
  48. Jubilee Square Brighton, 21st December, 1pm - 9pm
  49. Covent Garden London, 22nd December, 1pm - 9pm
  50. Whitefriars Shopping Centre Canterbury 22nd December, 12pm - 8pm
  51. BlueWater Dartford, 23rd December, 1pm - 9pm

Will you be going to see the Coca Cola truck this christmas? 
I have highlighted the London ones. 

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