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Hunter wellies are back in TKMaxx!!!!

Ever since seeing Hunter wellies in TKMaxx last year I had dreamt that they would bring them back and I could purchase them. This autumn, well I'd call it winter now seen as it's freezing cold outside, TKMaxx has brought them back. I hear all bbloggers or any hunter fans let out a squeal. 

I was so pleased to see shelves and shelves of these wellies. 

I was also pleasantly suprized to see they had the shorter Hunters as well as the tall Hunters. I'm not too sure on the actual name of them. I spent at least an hour maybe even more looking at all the different colours and then trying to find my size. There weren't many size 6's but there was plenty of the other sizes. 

I firstly tried on these matte green wellies, but I really love the gloss ones. These green ones reminded me of the frog wellies I used to have as a child, but I haven't seem any of them sold in shops since the 1990's.

Then I found these fuchsia pink Hunters. I originally wanted the glossy black ones but I love these fuchsia ones, so I ran to the till and purchased them quick sharp. 

However, before I bought them I walked around in several different pairs of these Hunter's as they all felt different on. Some were tighter than others and I thought I nearly had a pair stuck on my feet as they were really tight, luckily I got them off before I had to be cut out of them. 

I then found more boots, snow boots infact. I really wanted these as I really love the style of them and they feel so comfortable. Covent Garden TKMaxx only had these in a 5.5 size and my big monster feet won't fit in them. I have been to Charing Cross Road TKMaxx and New Cross Gate TKMaxx and they didn't have them. But I will keep searching for them as they are beautiful. 

They even have zips on the front so no faffing with cold red hands trying to tie laces. 

I did try on a size 6 of a pink pair of these but I really didn't like them so I didn't buy them. 

What have you found in TKMaxx recently? Share with me in the comments. 

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  1. Love Hunter wellies, definitely need to get myself a pair! Xx

    1. I love mine, although I haven't worn them outside yet. xxx

  2. Funny enough I'll be in Covent Garden later on today - you've got me so tempted that I may just have to have a little look at these :) xx

    The Belle Narrative

    1. These wellies are the one on Charing Cross Road. I don't think they had any in Covent Garden.