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Lipstick swatches

Today I took a trip to boots and looked at a few of the lipsticks. I swatched a fair few red ones on my hand and found some really nice ones. The only thing that was putting me off was the price. Do I really want to spend that amount on a lipstick. After my experience with the lipstick I picked up from Pound World I picked up a few weeks ago I would spend that extra amount as the lipstick really wasn't great. 

Anyway, on with the purpose of the post. My lipstick swatches. 

I really like the Kate Moss reds as they are deep colours and look like they would last a while. These swatches lasted the journey home and I washed my hands several times and they were still there. They only came off when I scrubbed them a bit. So I am pretty impressed with all these lipsticks. 

I think the Kate Moss ones were £7.99 and I cannot recall how much the Barry M ones were. 

What are your favourite red lip sticks? I am hoping to purchase one to wear for the Christmas party in work as I don't wear make up any other time of the year.

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