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My week in pictures #8

I haven't completed a week in pictures for a while now and I thought I should start this back up again. However, there may be a lack of photos now that the weather has changed and I am staying in doors a bit more. 

1. Dinner at Honest Burger // 2. Pumpkin carving // 3. Best friends ❤️❤️❤️ // 4. Dinner at Bodeans 

5. Lunch at Soju - Korean food // 6. Gifts from my dad from his trip to the USA coming to me soon eeeeeeeee // 7. New top from Primark with lovely buttons down the back // 8. Lush sunnyside bubble bar. 

9. New autumn boots I bought from Primark last year and wore them for the first time this week // 10. Skype calls with my boyfriend // 11. Poundland haul // 12. Lipstick swatches in Boots. 

What have you done this week? Do you have any week in pictures posts. Please leave the links in the comments below. For more photos go to my Instagram below. 

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