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Bath and Body Works haul - Finally

I have finally got round to taking photos of all the wonderful items my dad bought for me from Bath and Body Works from his recent trip to America. He went to the mall to have a look around and he kindly went into Bath and Body Works for me with a small shopping list. 

Candles - I saw these candles on Carrie Brighton's Instagram and immediately, put them on my list for my dad. 

These candles are so fragrant and smell amazing! The Marshmallow Fireside smells exactly as it's name - like sweet marshmallows with a hint of fire smell. 

The Cinnamon Frosting just smells like those delicious Cinnabon cakes. Then the Sparkling Icicles smells clean and fresh. I love that these candles have lids as they keep the fragrance locked in and they keep out the dust when I have not lit them. 

I also asked for hand sanitizer, as I had already owned two bottles of this from when a friend went over and picked me up some. Each hand sanitizer smells amazing, especially the iced gingerbread. I shared some of these with my mum. My mum also said that once she had applied the hand sanitizer to her hands and then later washed them the scent became apparent again. Pretty cool, no?

I also asked for a holder for my lovely hand sanitizers. I sent my dad a link to what I meant by holder and let him choose which once he bought. He chose too, which is super cool, especially as one of them (the black one) lights up. The purple one allows you to see the information on the bottle back and front. Whereas, the black one only shows one side, but I like this as the lights on the black cat are super cool. 

Then I asked for lipstick, it turns out that Bath and Body Works don't sell lip stick, but only lip gloss. I am really pleased that my dad picked this up as you can use all 3 colours together or individually. The pigment in the red colour is really strong and the glitter red finishes off the look. I am going to wear this to the work Christmas party next week. It also tastes good too, but I don't think you are supposed to eat it. 

Then my dad went into Walmart and picked up all these lovely goodies. 

Then another product I have been itching to get my hands on, the EOS Lip Balm, also known as, Balmi. I love the smell of both of these that my dad picked up. These lip balms are very well scented and are made from natural sources and they pride themselves on it. 

These are great little lip balms even if they are an odd shape. 

My dad also got me this bows and bling nail polish set, love the bright pink and silver glitter in this box and I am intrigued to see what sticking these bows on my nails will be like. You get 2 of each design of the bows. 

Then he picked up some Burt's Bees lip balms these smell great and I am excited to try them. I shared half of them with my mum so I will ask her what hers are like. 

The two packs of Burt's Bees my dad picked up. 

Then last but not least my dad got me this portable charger which will come in handy when on the train or aeroplane. The charging light on the box is really bright so you won't loose it in the he dark. It takes 4 AA batteries. 

have you bought anything from Bath and Body Works or Walmart?

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