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Beauty advent calendar update

So far in my Boots advent calendar I have uncovered lots of little beauty gems. Starting with

Day 1 Soap and Glory body wash, which smells so lovely. It smells like most Soap and Glory products, I'm not very good at describing smells, but this smells great. Also it's a great size to take on holiday or for weekends away.

Day 2 Balmi, a bloggers favourite, lipbalm. I have read quite a bit on this product and have only heard good things so I was really pleased this was in day 2. I have waited weeks to get myself an EOS balmi and my dad went to America and picked me up 2 of them, pomegranate and mint, talk about all your buses coming at once. I have yet to open this as I was really excited to open the ones my dad bought me. They are great so I am sure this one will be too. I did notice on other bloggers Instagrames they had the same advent calendar as me but Boots had changed the flavours of these, which I thought was really cool.

Day 3 - nail polish time! I love a good red nail so I was really pleased to see this although Mavala London are not a brand I've heard of, I really love the colour of this polish. It really needs a top coat as after 2 days it started to chip on me. Definitely a great colour for the Christmas season.

Day 4 - Nina perfume sample, this smells wonderful, but as I said above I am not that great at describing what things smell like. It's definitely a girly smell. Although I was a little disappointed that this was a perfume sample and not a small bottle. I am pleased that I could smell this and test it out as it's really nice. Although it did take a few tries at getting it out and eventually with the help of a screwdriver I was able to smell this, but I had squirted half of it on the plastic tray it was sat it.

Day 5 - Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in Ivory, I was so pleased to see this and to see it is in ivory as I have really pale skin. This is a really good match for my skin and I am really pleased with it.

I was wondering if Boots produced these advent calendars for different skin types and you could choose at the checkout, because these were only available to buy online. It would be really cool if they did.

Day 6 - Vichy skin serum. I have never heard of Vichy or skin serum, but having read this little box, in French and English, it sounds like a really cool product to use.

Day 7 - Blaxk XS perfume sample now I can safely say that this definitely smells like flowers and smells really beautiful. I like all the perfume samples that I have received in this advent calendar as the scents are not too powerful. The only downside about these perfume samples is that they are only half full.

Day 8 - Black hair bobble I love this hair bobble and I am really excited to wear this, once I have finished photographing it for the 100th time. I think it will look great with my hair in a pony tail.
Day 9 - Seventeen Miami I love the pigment of this nail polish it's so vibrant. It says on the bottle lasts up to 10 days, but it just about lasted the day that I wore it. So it definitely needs a base coat and top coat.

Day 10 - Talking about base coats Orly Rubberised Base Coat I am not too sure hat the rubberised bit does, but I will give it ago and review it.

Day 11 - Ghost perfume sample, I own this perfume and I really like the smell and this sample is full.

Day 12 - Boots Nail Shine Solution I am really intrigued to see what this solution will do as I like the sound of it and I am wondering if it will give you salon shiney nails.

That is the products I have received so far and I am really enjoying opening each door. I was tempted to open all the doors at the beginning, but I am having so much fun waking up and opening the door. I am pleased to say that I am disciplined.

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