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Having discovered the world of blogging and YouTube at full force last January, I was excited to discover the wonderful world of Christmas bedding. This year I was on the look out for a really cool looking Christmassy bedding and Primark have not let me down. 

I changed my duvet covers on Tuesday morning so my flat is very Christmassy now with my tree up, my little elves on ski's and my Christmas heart up. 

I am really pleased with this double duvet set from Primark for £16. I saw it feature on a few YouTube videos and I popped into the Tottenham Court Road Primark and saw it on display, but it had all sold out. I found mine in my local Primark. There is also a matching reindeer sheet, but I haven't managed to get my hands on this yet. I have seen them as single size, but not double. 

The material is really really soft. I have not slept on it yet. When I first saw the duvet cover on the display bed in Primark I was a little sceptical of the quality as it seemed quite thin and didn't look that great, but mine is wonderful and doesn't look thin at all. 

My room feels a lot like Christmas now I have my Christmas bedding. I will be taking this cover to Wales at Christmas so I can have it at my parents house on Christmas day. 

What do you do at Christmas to get in the festive spirit? 
Have you bought this duvet set? What do you think of it?

What do you think? 

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    1. Thank you, it's so soft and warm.


  2. This duvet cover Is just awesome But now it is out of stock in all primark stores , if you dont like it anymore Just send it to me hahaha