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Horse Riding

I went horse riding with my friend last saturday and again I had a wonderful time. This time I was much more comfortable on the horse as I wasn't too worried about falling off it. Although it was a little colder than last time I went and I got that lovely sun burn on my neck.

How I miss being able to go out in a top, skirt and sandals. At the moment I am wrapped up in layers and layers.

I really enjoyed the horse riding although I wasn't too sure that I was kicking the horse correctly as it kept stopping or didn't move without being lead. I think I now understand the rising trott although I haven't perfected it yet. I think I need a few more lessons before I can do it properly.

The horse riding school I went to holds classes every hour for different levels all in one class. The instructor is really good and knows your capabilities. There were some children riding at the same time as I was there with my friend. My friend is an experienced rider and there is me who has been 2 times. He gets you to go one at a time and do different things.

After our lesson and having really sore legs we walked around the stables and said hello to a few of the horses. 

There was even a pair of goats kicking around the place. 

This horse looks a little sad, although regal. 

I love the hair do of this stallion. I didn't get too close to him as he's known to bite. 

Do you go Horse riding?

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