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IPad and Iphone accessories

I took a trip to the Apple store the other day, well actually I got lost in Covent Garden and went into the Apple Store when trying to find TK Maxx. I discovered that you can get all sorts of accessories for the iPhone and iPad. Check these out. 

iPad keyboard -  this is the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard that you just slot your iPad into and can use it like a laptop. Once you are finished you then attach it like a cover and close it. Only for £69.95 for the iPad Mini and £89.95 for the iPad. This is not cheap.

I have found a cheaper alternative that looks near enough the same as this 

At £11.29


at £30.88 

Attachable Camera lenses for the iPhone - there are three lenses on this wide angle, fish eye and macro for £59.95 
The lenses come together and come in the small microfibre pouch 

or there is this cheaper alternative for £5.84. These are 3 different lenses like the apple one. 

Pretty cool Christmas presents for the iPhone and iPad. 

The Camera Lens on the iPhone seems a little expensive and I have my big camera so I don't think I would use this much. But it's a gift idea for someone who has an iphone that takes lots of pictures on it. That want's to add variety to their photos with 3 different lenses. 

* The images in this post do not belong to me and I have sourced them from the links mentioned above. 

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  1. I love the lenses for the iPhone! I wish I'd have known about these months ago! I'm getting a camera for Christmas and have been usng my iPhone for blog photos so it's a little late now x

    1. It's like all your buses have come at once, but I'm sure you'll love your new camera.